January 16, 2022

I hope everyone has had a good day, or will be having a good day. Whatever fits.

It is currently snowing outside right now, we probably already have at least 4 inches of snow. Snow is so beautiful, but I prefer to have it once a year and that is on Christmas Day. It didn’t happen this year. But is sure is now.

My 5 day quarantine ended today but I am afraid my boyfriend is now getting sick. He was so cold tonight, I think he has a fever. Hopefully it’s just the weather.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day so I have the day off from work. I need to spend it cleaning my house. Hopefully this actually happens. I tried to start tonight but didn’t get too far. I need to deep clean some things but don’t think that will happen.

I hate cleaning my bathroom and that needs it bad. My cabinet fell off the wall the other night. Very disappointing. Unsure if we can rehang it or if my already very small and limited space bathroom just got even more less space for my things.

Living in this trailer is nice, but holy shit we have too much stuff. It’s not stuff I’m willing to get rid of either. We really need a shed to put my boyfriends tools and the stuff we aren’t using, like the Christmas decorations. They should be off to my mothers house soon for storage because she is just a peach and will keep them for me.

School starts back up next week and I just ordered the books I need. Excited to get it over with but not excited to have less time to do other things such as read and clean and just do as I please.

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Mid-twenties. Girl mom. Dog mom. Girlfriend.

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