January 2, 2022

I worked today. I was not busy at all, but I did a lot of cleaning up around the bar and kitchen.

I wish I was as good at cleaning my house as I am at cleaning at work. My house would be at least a little tidier.

I didn’t do much besides make some food and do the dishes when I got home. I just read a few chapters of a book I got for Christmas. It’s called Shiver. It’s pretty good so far! My BF’s mom got it for me. She said she wants to read it when I’m done if it’s any good.

My day job starts back up tomorrow after the two weeks off I had. In a way I’m looking forward to it because it gives me a sense of normalcy/routine. But I am use to being up all night and taking a nap during the early morning if I feel the need for one.

I also still have way to much cleaning to do around my house. I have not unpacked Christmas things from their boxes and I need to take down the tree. The amount of space in this trailer is extremely limited and I have no idea what I’m going to do with my Christmas decorations.

My mother is coming over to visit the babe tomorrow and bringing me a tote for the clothes she outgrew already. Maybe I’ll get my tree down and the decorations all together and send them to her house for safe keeping.

I sent some of the decorations with my sister to Iowa because our great grandma made them and I thought she would like to have some. I didn’t use them all to decorate my tree anyway, it’s too small.

It’s time for me to go to sleep.

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Mid-twenties. Girl mom. Dog mom. Girlfriend.

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