On Addiction Being A Disease

Addiction is a hot topic in the area I live in. It seems like almost everyone in my town and the surrounding areas are addicted to a drug whether it be meth, heroin, or other opioids. It is devastating and very hard to process. There are so many different opinions on it and almost every opinion causes people to be upset.

Is addiction a disease?

This is a reoccurring question that pops up all of the time. It is a matter of opinion really. If you are a professional you are taught that it is a disease. People who are uneducated on the topic are able to have their own beliefs.

Education pushes the idea that addiction is a disease. People who have been through addiction often agree with the disease concept. Some people think it is so they have somewhere to place the blame, others believe it is truly a disease. The disease aspect comes from the fact that drugs alter your brain, at first it’s temporary but it becomes a permanent alteration. The changes cause people to crave the drug and feel incomplete without it. The main thing their brain focuses on is how they are going to get the drug.

I have had the chance to create my own opinion of the matter and also be educated on addiction. I have always thought addiction is partially a choice. In my own mind I see it as a type of lung cancer that was caused by smoking. You could have stopped smoking at any point in your life, fully knowing that it could cause extreme damage to yourself, but you didn’t. That was YOUR CHOICE. From the first time to tried the drug to the continuing times after, you chose to consume that drug.

The psychology viewpoint is basically stating that the first time you use a drug you are immediately addicted to it and have a need for it.

Addiction is not simple and the concept will never be easy to understand. My opinion is that it is a self-caused disease.

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Why I Decided To Try This Whole Blogging Thing

“What’s a blog?” “Why would I want to do that?” “HOW do you even do that?”

All these questions were flying through my head when I first got the idea that I wanted to try blogging. I’m not a writer, in fact my major is psychology. I think the reason I even got the idea to try blogging is because I love the feeling I get when I can relate to someone’s post. I see Odyssey and BuzzFeed articles all over that I am so excited to read. I want people to feel like that about things I post.

Articles that normally catch my eye are ones like “I Hope You Find The Courage To Quit,” “And If You Let Me, I’ll Love You,” and“Don’t Get Married Until You Can Honestly Answer These Questions.”

I want to write things that people are interested in, that people can relate to. When people see my posts I want them to think “I need to read that!” or “That is so relatable.” I love building connections with people one way or another. In my opinion intellectual connections can be just as strong if not stronger than physical connections. I want to reach more people and have more people reach out to me.

Another reason I thought starting a blog was a good idea for me is because I feel like I waste a lot of precious time doing unproductive things. Basically if I’m not working or in class I’m watching Netflix. What good does that do for me? Blogging can let me get my opinions out there, possibly meet new people and learn some things along the way. Not to mention it will make me a lot more creative and give me something to look forward to!

Reading is my thing. Writing, not so much. Hopefully starting this hobby will help me be more creative and enhance my writing skills. I think journalism is amazing and I wish that I was creative and patient enough to actually sit down and make more than a hobby out of this.