Today was an alright day. I have a short work week for my day job due to Christmas Break coming up. Tomorrow is my last day of work.

I made dinner and some Christmas goodies today. I also wrapped all the presents that I have so far. Everything is basically ready to go.

My baby is crying so this is going to get cut short. I had a pretty good day but, I have so much that I need to get done.


We went to visit Santa! We also saw buddy the elf.

My BF made us dinner, deer meat. It was delicious. Now that I know he can cook, he will be helping make dinner more often.

Christmas is so close. He still needs to go shopping to get gifts for his family.

I have to make some more cookies, pretzels, and probably will have to make a dish to pass for one of his family Christmas’s. Our day is going to be so dreadfully long on Christmas I am not looking forward to it.

I really hope everything goes smoothly and everyone is happy with the gifts they receive. I still have to finish some of my crafts for everyone and finish wrapping. Some gifts are still on the way, unsure if everything will be here in time. Let’s hope they are. I might stop and get some lottery tickets for my work ladies because we all get along so well.

I’ve got work in the morning. Not looking forward to it. I hope I make money but I doubt I will be busy. After work we are going to see another Santa!


I just got home from work. 11:56 PM. I made around $300 tonight. It was worth it. Thank god.

My day wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t special besides that either. I also got our Christmas bonus at work today too. $250. I’m rich. Lmao, kidding. I wish. But feels nice to have money.

I am exhausted. And my feet hurt. I couldn’t wear my normal shoes (crocs) because my BF stepped in dog shit in them and didn’t clean them out. I refuse. He did it he should clean it.

Also I know it sounds weird I wear crocs to work but I swear to god they’re the only thing that don’t hurt my feet when I have to be on them for like 8 hours.

I gotta wake up kind of early tonight so I better try to fall asleep. Goodnight.


Oh shit yeah. Just finished my last project of the semester. Thank god.

Now I can pay more attention to my poor neglected trailer. It needs some cleaning.

I never even showered today. I did wake up at 5:30 in the morning unprompted for some odd reason. I completed the majority of my school work then.

Tomorrow I have to work at the club. I’m not excited, the first time I will have to close since going back. Better be worth it, monetarily.

I guess I’m going to try to hit the hay.


I had quite the day. Just kidding it was quite a boring day for the most part.

Work, school work, and then I went to dinner with one of my GFs. we went to a new restaurant in town that another one of our GF’s works at.

I recently decided to quit drinking. This is the first time I went out with friends since deciding this. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t easy either. I tried her margarita but I don’t even like tequila. I almost ordered a beer but thought about it and decided it wasn’t worth it.

I need to lose weight, not drinking will help me lose weight. Beer is bad for me because I can drink so much of it and it is so much empty calories that I definitely don’t need! Losing weight is going to be one of my main goals, so refraining from alcohol will be very helpful with this goal.

I am proud of myself for sticking to the commitment I made for myself.

I needed to do more work when I got home but I’m laying on the couch cuddling my baby. I also was suppose to go grocery shopping but could not force myself to go after dinner. I was full and felt like I needed to use the bathroom, so home I went.

Tomorrow is a new day.


My day was lame as hell. I did get my school work done. Well not all of it but the bare minimum that I needed to get done.

I watched four good days today. It was great. Highly recommend.

I am now watching a documentary on doctor death. Pretty interesting. What a sick fuck.

Got my baby on my chest. Love her. So much.

My boyfriend hates me I’m pretty sure. Sigh.


Christmas Shopping

I am a failure. I either start too soon buying gifts and overspend or I start too late and get everything late. No happy medium.

This year I started buying in October. I had such good ideas, or at least I thought. I am now completely unsure if my gifts are good or not. I hope everyone likes what I got them. I am also having a hard time refraining from buying more gifts for everyone.

I spent way to much money on my BF. The one extremely expensive gift I got him will be so worth it. At least I hope. It’s a painting of our daughter with his grandpa and uncle that both passed away. It won’t be here before Christmas. But oh well. I hope he loves it or I will cry.

I bought my daughter some things as well, not going to wrap them because she can’t open them. And I don’t want to wrap gifts that I will have to open for her, makes no sense to me.

I also bought the pets in the family some gifts. My boy is special, so I treat him as such. I love animals, especially dogs.


Today was an alright day. My BF stayed home so he took care of our baby for a majority of the day.

I got some cleaning done and made some food. Did not do my school work like I should have. Currently holding my baby while she’s sleeping and I’m exhausted. Probably not getting anything else done tonight.

Might try some of the soup I made before going to bed to see if it is any good. Unsure if it will be…

I have a lot of cleaning still left to do tomorrow. My first priority tomorrow will be my school work though.

I’m going on a dinner date with one of my friends Wednesday. I need to behave and not drink. Wish me luck. I’m trying to give up drinking. Hasn’t been an issue yet. But this will be the first time out since I’ve decided I don’t want to drink anymore.

Alright, goodnight.


Okay, first things first.. I will tell you about my day yesterday.

I woke up and had to finish making cookies, my cookies looked horrible; they were the flattest cookies I have ever made. I then decided I needed to overcompensate and made brownies, too. They weren’t horrible looking, but I needed twenty-four, so they were awfully small brownies. This made for quite the stressful morning. Not to mention I woke up around 5:30 am. I probably laid in bed awake for half an hour just preparing myself for the day.

I had to go to work at 10:30 am and had to drive about 20 minutes to get my baby to my BF’s parents so they could watch her. I bagged two cookies and a brownie in twenty-four baggies. I thought they were kind of cute and it hid how hideous my cookies looked. I knew work was going to be a long day because there was a memorial for one of the members who had passed away. Because of this I decided to take my cookies and drop them off with the baby because I wasn’t sure if I would be at the cookie exchange there on time.

I get to their house at around 9:40 am and she tells me they don’t bag their cookies, so of course, I did something wrong already. Then she tells me she isn’t sure how many people are coming so I might not have enough cookies, okay… but I did ask her earlier in the week and she told me twenty-three prior to this moment. I thought I had an extra bag just in case. Whatever, I don’t care. I’m used to things like this occurring. I decide not to stress it and just forget about it.

Work was alright in the beginning, I had to work the normal bar and set up for the party. It was a struggle because there were more people at the bar than normal. I managed. The memorial didn’t start until 1, this is when I had help coming. The next girl would show up at 2. The first girl and I were doing a pretty good job keeping up with the crowd and were making good tips. When the third girl showed up, she wasn’t helping very much. She started doing a craft for someone at the bar (it was small, but this pissed me off because we were running our asses off and she was doing nothing.)

I was only scheduled until 4, but I knew this was not going to work because the next girl didn’t come in until 4:30 and it was still extremely busy. I ended up staying until around 6:30, the cookie exchange started at 5:30. Let’s keep in mind I hadn’t seen my baby all day, I breastfeed, and I just worked for over 7 hours. This means I miss my baby, my boobs hurt, and I’m fucking tired. I don’t want my BF’s mom to feel like I don’t try to have a relationship with her, so I decided to suck it up and just go to the damn party late.

I didn’t miss too much. I got there just in time for the cookie exchange part. We had to go around and say what our cookies were and why we were there (how we knew my BF’s mom or the family). It was my turn – side note, she is a religious woman and doesn’t like that her son and I aren’t married and have a kid – I introduced myself and stated I was her son’s baby momma. The rest of the people laughed, but she was not impressed. I don’t mind though, it’s true and it was funny.

When I was ready to leave around 8:30 she seemed disappointed I was leaving so early. Little does she know she’s lucky I even went; trust me, I didn’t really want to.

Okay, now onto today.

We had a lazy Sunday. Cuddled my baby and dog and took naps.

My mom came to visit for a short time.

Now I am doing this. The most productive thing I’ve done today. Alright that’s it.