January 5th

I missed yesterdays post. I went to exchange Christmas presents with my two best buds at the bar. We were there for 5 hours, whoops.

I did take my tree down yesterday though which was a big accomplishment for me. I hate taking the tree down.

Today was boring. My BF hasn’t worked since Monday because of lack of materials or some shit like that. We went and bought a new couch and recliner yesterday, it gets delivered tomorrow!

I have been trying to be extra helpful for the kid I work with during the day. I found this cool site where I can make pretty worksheets. I made him a coping skills sheet.

One of my coworkers has covid so I had to work tonight and now tomorrow as well.

I’ve been trying to let my babe sleep in her crib. She’s doing a decent job of dealing with that change. She’s actually asleep in there now. When I get done in the bathroom I will be reading my book!

I love reading. I’m so glad I made a resolution to read more. Books are like an escape for me. I don’t want to stop once I get started.

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Mid-twenties. Girl mom. Dog mom. Girlfriend.

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