Today was my last day of work until after the new year. I have a few days at the club, but besides that I’ve got some time off!

I did my paperwork, visited my mom, made dinner, and cookies tonight. I currently have all my daughters 3-6 clothes in the wash because she is growing out of her 0-3.

I want so badly to have my house clean and made up all nicely. But it’s not. And I have no desire to clean everything or put everything away. Maybe I’ll get some shit done tomorrow seeing as I don’t work during the day. Let’s hope so.

I asked my BF to help out the clothes away because there are a bunch on the bed right now but he is currently asleep on the couch. Not happening.

He’s such a shithead sometimes.

I feel like there isn’t enough stuff underneath our tree.. it looks so bare. My kid is only 3 months old so it isn’t like she’s opening presents. I just feel bad though.

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Mid-twenties. Girl mom. Dog mom. Girlfriend.

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